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Sponsorship Team
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Sponsoring the 15th European Information Architecture Summit in Riga provides a unique opportunity to reach a broad audience of motivated specialists involved in all aspects of information management, not just from Europe but from all over the world.

At EuroIA 2018, in Dublin, 29 countries were represented by more then 300 attendees.

All sponsors receive:

  • Logo / name in official printed program and on conference website
  • Social mentions on Twitter and Facebook
  • Exclusive logo signage at your sponsored event, or logo on your sponsored item
  • Opportunity to include swag in conference goodie bag

Listed below are our 3 basic sponsorship packages. Each offers something special to the Summit and gives you the opportunity to get to know our attendees. If you’d like a customised sponsorship package, just let us know.

Gold Sponsorship

€ 6,000

includes 3-day sponsor table, 2 free registrations, top billing when you sponsor one of the following events:

  • Opening Party
  • Closing Party
  • Lunch

Silver Sponsorship

€ 3,000

includes 1 free registration when you sponsor one of the following events:

  • Lightning Talks
  • Ice Cream Social break
  • Conference Bags
  • Portfolio Review Room
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lanyards

Bronze Sponsorship

€ 1,500

includes the gratitude of our community and especially of the organizing team

EuroIA 2019 Sponsors

Adobe Adobe XD Balsamiq UXPressia

Exclusive Stickers Partner

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