26-28 Sept.

Thursday, 26 Sep. 9:00–12:30


Inclusive Design Means Better Design For All

/ James Buller / Katy Arnold

James Buller KATY ARNOLD


Have you heard of the power of inclusive design? Ever wondered why accessibility matters? Do you know how to cater for people who have access needs as a result of disabilities and medical conditions? This hands on, thought-provoking workshop will show you why making digital services inclusive makes them better for everyone. Plus, we will show how making your work more inclusive will make you a better designer.

The session includes practical exercises aimed at broadening your design skills by, sampling the effects of having an impairment, experiencing assistive technologies and critiquing features that can help or hinder accessibility. It’s more important than ever to be accountable for our actions as designers. By explicitly designing for everyone in this world, we can actively shape the impact of our work and own the consequences of our endeavours.


James Buller

James Buller is Head of Accessibility and Inclusion at Home Office

James guides digital delivery teams to create accessible services at this major UK government department. He leads on providing: consultancy, testing and training. These support inclusive design, research, development or procurement of services for staff and the public.

James enjoys spreading the message of accessibility and the means to practice it every day, from each email to long term strategy. He also volunteers as a trustee and Head of Communications and Membership for the charity that supports people with his rare visual impairment.



Katy Arnold

Katy is the Deputy Director for Design and Research at the Home Office – part of the UK government. This means leading a user centred design community and setting standards for best practice across the department. Katy works with her team to create space for good, accessible design and inclusive research to happen.

Katy is passionate about building public services that work for everyone and is a regular speaker at conferences and events including EuroIA in Stockholm, World Usability Day and Italian IA Summit in Rome, Service Design in Gov, Camp Digital, World IA Day, UX Brighton, Product Camp London, #GovDesign


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