26-28 Sept.

Friday, 27 Sep. 9:00–12:30


Designing digital places through container based information architecture and object-­first design

/ Koen Peters / Konstantin Weiss / Ben Lipinski

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Let’s build an IA for adaptable and expandable digital places within hours. This workshop teaches the principles and methods of Container Based Information Architecture. It is based on the idea of putting content and interaction into containers, out of which digital places like websites or apps are built. The containers can be reordered, reappear, or adjust their appearance and function based on the place’s context.

This approach has proven valuable for global players and mid-size organizations alike, and is used in fields of ecommerce, news, or web apps. Over the years, it has incorporated new aspects like conversational interfaces and customer journey orchestration.

Container Based IA is closely related to other models and tools, like OOUX (Object-Oriented UX), the Core model and content modelling (all of which have been presented in previous EuroIA editions). We will explain how these models are related to Container Based IA, and we will borrow some ideas and incorporate some practical methods of them.

Container Based IA is an efficient and effective way to build digital places. Although classical IA tasks like navigational structures or taxonomies still have to be solved, this approach will help you to stay flexible and expandable, thus building long-lasting structures and artefacts.


Koen Peters

Koen Peters has been working at Namahn for 18 years, mainly as information architect and UX designer. He is a regular speaker at Euroia and was co­chair in 2016 (Amsterdam).


Konstantin Weiss

Konstantin has worked as an IA for 11 years. He conceived the Container Model principles in 2011, and since then has explored the power of container based information architecture. He shares his research and prototypes in writing and speaking. Konstantin is Chief Product Officer at BetterDoc, an e­health company matching patients with the right specialists. Previously, he has lead teams and built products and services in companies like Sapient and iA Inc. He has been co­chairing EuroIA 2016 in Amsterdam.



Ben Lipinski

My life contains four years of real-word experience as well as a bachelor degree in InterMedia (a mix of experience design, perceptual psychology & digital media technology). In the last 1.5 years at PublicisSapient (before sapient_razorfish) my team and I digitised the market-leader of the parking industry, built a game changer of modern kitchens, enabled monthly 120000 customers of an airline to select the seat they actually want and started the digital business transformation at one of the largest logistics companies. Currently I work at BetterDoc – a start-up that steers patients to the right physicians and clinics. That feels great.

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