26-28 Sept.

Advanced Design Workflows & Prototyping with Adobe XD (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Claire-Lise Bengue

What kind of future do you want? Planning a preferable future (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Dan Ramsden, North Kuras, Emily Heath, Rob Scott, and Vicky Holland

Rules! Drama! Action! – A game design approach to mapping, designing, and communicating experiences (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Andrea Resmini

User research: Beyond the interview (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Donna Spencer

Practical Systems Thinking for Designers (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Cornelius Rachieru

Elevating Design: Create a strategic plan to increase your impact (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Alissa Briggs and Dave Hora

(Re)Shaping designers for the right impact (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Jason Mesut

Experience mapping ­ how to get actionable results out of it? (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Liga Letina

Designing digital places through container based information architecture and object-­first design (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Ben Lipinski, Koen Peters, and Konstantin Weiss

The Digital Impact Framework: a scalable method for evaluating the impact of UX projects (2019 Workshop)

Speaker(s): Sandra Gonzalez and Tim Dixon

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