26-28 Sept.

A taxonomy of the orcanization – game design for information architecture (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Andrea Resmini

Telling your UX Metrics Story: Moving from UX Insights to product changes with the 21st Century Metrics Model (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Asha Fereydouni

The unintended consequences of our design choices (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Aly Blenkin

Stereotypes vs. archetypes: How to respond to bias, stereotypes, racism, and sexism from clients and participants (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Julie Blitzer

The Ethical Challenges of Data-Driven Design – Technology’s Impact on Trust (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Dennis Nguyen

Citizen Centric Information Architecture: Creating a truly Citizen-Centric Digital Government (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Alysson Franklin

Impacting Organizations that Impact Life: Challenges for Designers in Healthcare (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Bogdan Stanciu

It’s Not Simple, Stupid! Dealing with Complex Systems and Wicked Problems (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Hertje Brodersen

Designing an inclusive government drug information service for young adults (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Emma Howell

Navigating the ladder of abstraction – How to get everyone talking about IA (2019 Talk)

Speaker(s): Emily Heath and Rob Scott

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