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Saturday, 28 Sept.

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Lightning Talks

How to help your team get closer to the frontline
Melanie Buset
In this quick presentation I will share my experience of building a merchant visit program at Shopify. This initiative started as an effort to help our employees truly feel empathy for our users and for the entire company to get the opportunity to meet them.[…]

How to Make Impact as Junior UXer
Oksana Ivanova
Being Junior is never easy. Yet, it’s one of the roles opening lots of possibilities to grow and impact your organization and the UX culture in the organization. Given that the UX field is relatively young itself, it requires daring and passionate Juniors who will be able to grow into real Professionals in the future. […]

13:45 – 14:15
14:15 – 15:00
Navigating the ladder of abstraction – How to get everyone talking about IA
Emily Heath
Rob Scott
We are two UX Architects within the BBC’s User Experience and Design team. In 2017, we found ourselves embedded in product teams delivering IA for large ranging, long term strategies expressed in metaphorical language. There was scant time to work in the details as there were many work streams to architect for. We also needed to […]

Telling your UX Metrics Story: Moving from UX Insights to product changes with the 21st Century Metrics Model
Asha Fereydouni
Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. HiPPO! HiPPOs often make many design decisions within organizations, despite the best efforts by designers and other UX professionals. This means that UX insights often do not become product changes.  We’ve completed and analyzed two massive surveys of a total of ~3,500 professionals across American enterprises, and identified a key problem around communicating UX insights to business leaders. […]
15:00 – 15:15
15:15 – 16:00
Lessons from a Jazz Musician: Improvisation in Research
Rachel Price
User research is easy to do…technically. With the development of online tools and self-serve recruiting platforms, it’s getting easier and cheaper to throw moderated user research together at the drop of a hat. Too bad facilitating all that research isn’t nearly as easy. It doesn’t matter how much research we do, if we facilitate it poorly, we’re wasting time and money. Worse still, it’s likely we’ll end up with misleading results and the research could actually have a negative impact on design. So how do we learn to be better facilitators? […]

Designing an inclusive government drug information service for young adults
Emma Howell
Talk to FRANK is a government service that provides unbiased information about street drugs to young adults.
The 10 year old site came to us bloated with FAQs, stories from visitors and news articles. They were trying to keep up to date with new substances and information entering the drugs scene but were creating a sense of disorientation and confusion on the site. […]

16:00 – 16:15
16:15 – 17:00

The Siren Call of Self-Neglect
Vivianne Castillo
In many ways, UX Researchers are suppose to protect, elevate and advocate for the humanity and needs of people who engage with designed experiences. Unfortunately we often try to accomplish these goals at the expense of our own health and well-being while simultaneously working at companies and organisations who don’t know how to mentally and emotionally support us as we wade into the complexity and messiness of humanity within our research.
In this talk, we will begin some of the challenging personal work necessary to acknowledge the holistic toll of our profession, the symptoms of compassion fatigue and trauma within our industry, the impact it has on research and design, and what you can do to rise above it.

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