26-28 Sept.

Dave Hora

dave hora

Current role: Workshop Host
Twitter: @stonecrops_

Dave Hora is a researcher fascinated by how teams work together—and what it is that makes research meaningfully impact product & design. As a five time “first researcher,” he established the formal research program at a consultancy and four startups in Silicon Valley. At PlanGrid, Dave developed the research function as a strategic partner to Design and Product, growing the team to three full­time researchers. Recently, Dave moved to Denver Colorado, and is consulting as the Employee of the Month at Dave’s Research Company, Ltd. That practice includes strategic research projects; coaching individual researchers; and flipping the research lens outside­in, helping organizations uncover, model, and redesign their product delivery processes. Dave is a board member of the ResearchOps Community, and currently leads a volunteer project developing a global ‘Researcher Skills & Career Workshop’ series. You can find him on Twitter @stonecrops_.



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